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    Health Naturals' nutritional brand of supplements developed out of Live Oak Nutrition,  Brunswick County's oldest and most established health food store.  Owner Rob Hunt developed the brand initially based on feedback from customers regarding the improper storage and shipping practises related to Probiotics.

    Companies simply would not do the right thing and include a cold pack in their Probiotic shipments. All Health Naturals' Probiotics are shipped with ULINE cold packs at no cost to the retail stores across the country that carry Health Naturals' nutritional supplements, or individual customers.  Our Probiotics are not stored in a warehouse, but in our commercial refrigerators.  In fact all of our products come straight to you with fresh expiration dates from our climate-controlled facility. 




    At Health Naturals we have never wavered from our mission and commitment of providing the highest quality and value in our products and service.

    Making Quality Affordable Since 2003